Eastinco Mining & Exploration Plc is a company listed on the London Aquis exchange seeking to acquire and develop assets for the ethical exploration, development, mining, and trading of critical minerals across the African continent.

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Eastinco Mining and Exploration Plc seeks to acquire and secure critical and strategic mineral resources supporting ethical and sustainable supply chains. For this objective, the Company acquired Eastinco Limited, a Rwandan based subsidiary exploration, development and trading company committed to a sustainable business model. The Company is presently investigating the acquisition of other key critical mineral strategic holding and assets and has concluded joint-ventures providing for the exploration, production, trading and subsequent off-take of nickel, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, cobalt, copper and tin.

Critical minerals are strategically essential to the economy, and any disrupted supply may have a significant impact on the production of critical and/or strategic end products such as alloys, computer equipment, EV batteries, etc. Over time the ‘criticality’ of any particular mineral may change as society’s needs shift. Presently the renewable energy, automotive and electronic manufacturing sectors are driving the requirement to develop secure supply chains of these key critical strategic minerals.

Eastinco Limited, the Rwandan subsidiary, has begun the process of modernising, mechanising, and improving health and safety measures at the Musasa mine site in western Rwanda to produce tantalum, niobium and tine from mining. Eastinco is the first acquisition in the company’s plan to secure critical strategic mineral resources to provide and ethically sourced supply chain. The company is actively exploring expansion via the acquisition of other key critical strategic mineral assets, joint-ventures, and partnerships on the continent to grow this list of critical resources.

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